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     Psychotherapy and Counseling:  I'd like to make some statement that is both profound and simplifying about the process but I can't.  Each person, couple, or family is unique.  Therefore the process can be difficult, joyous, painful, enlightening, frustrating, all of these, a combination of these or other things depending upon participants, issues, and history. There's no way to predict in advance.  All a therapist or counselor can promise is that he or she will be honest, respectful, responsible, sensitive, caring, and know the latest research.


   Me:  I received my doctorate at the University of Chicago and interned at the University of Chicago Counseling and Psychotherapy Research Center.  Over the next 35 years, I have been in a large number of varied settings including:  University teaching, community psychology, and independent practice.  Before moving to Bullhead City, I was Clinical Director for a clinic in bush Alaska that was the hub for 28 other villages.